# Billing and payouts

# Campaigns

To create campaigns, set a bank account to fund your campaigns in the Billing panel.

After a campaign is completed, by either exhausting its budget or reaching the campaign end date, it will no longer appear in feeds across the ParOne network. 7 days after completion, the organization will be charged for the campaign via the bank account on file.

# Feed Payouts

Set up a payout bank account for your organization to accept payouts if you are hosting feeds.

Organizations are paid monthly for the balances accrued on their hosted feeds.

As videos are watched across the ParOne network, tracking events are relayed to our system. When a video is viewed for 30 seconds or more, an event is sent to update the feed which was used to host it. Tracking events are processed in batches approximately once every 5 minutes.

Last Updated: 10/10/2021, 3:19:20 PM