# Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get up and running with ParOne in just a few minutes.

# Create a ParOne Account

To create an account you'll need an invite from your ParOne Account Manager. Once you receive the email invite, click on the link of the email and sign up. Currently, ParOne supports SSO through Google, or you can create an account with an email / password via your work email.

# Create your Organization

Once signed in, you'll need to create your organization. Click "Create Organization", type your organzation's name, and upload your logo. The logo should be 512x512 pixels and can be a PNG or JPEG file.

Create Organization


  • Logos for Media Outlets are displayed with the content for campaigns.
  • Logos for Apps and Websites are displayed throughout the ParOne interface.

# Change Organization Settings

Once your organization has been created, you will have to choose whether your organization is a Media Outlet (publishing content) and/or a App/Website (receiving video feeds) by activating the appropiate sliders.

Afterwards, you'll want to select your default currency. If we're missing your currency, let your ParOne Account Manager know and we'll get that added. Your default currency is how you'll pay invoces and the currency used when ParOne pays out for being an App/Website.

If you need to upload a different logo, you can also do that here.

Organization Settings


  • Once you activate a slider, the navigation bar on the left will automatically update.

# Set your Demographic Settings

Now would be a good time to go to the Demographics area. This area tells Media Outlets the current demographics of your users. Media Outlets will use this information to create content that is a better fit for your demographics. ParOne uses the following Demographic data provided by you:

Title Description
MAUU These are the Monthly Active Unique Users that use your organization's app, websites, and email, etc.
Age Distribution This is the estimated age breakdown of your users.
Household Income Bracket These are the varying percentages that match the household incomes of your users.
Gender Distribution These are the varying percentages that match the gender breakdown of your users.
Country Demographics This is the country breakdown. Select a country and type the corresponding percentage of your users in that country and click 'Add'.

Demographics Settings


The unknown column with auto-fill based on your answers.

# Creating Feeds

This where you configure how content is delivered. Feeds allow you to set up custom configurations for delivering content to any device or platform.

Click on "Feeds" in the sidebar, and click "Create A Feed" in top right part of this screen. Choose a name and description for your feed. The feed name will be visible to end users, so name it something readable. Only you can see the description, so put whatever you want there.

Afterwards, select the categories of the videos you'd like to include in the feed and exclude which publishers and sponsors you don't want to see.

Once you're done, click "Create."

You'll now see the feed card, which has information you'll need.

Your Feed ID is how you'll recognize your feed in your apps and websites.

Create Feed


  • You can have multiple feeds.
  • You might have an "Equipment" feed, that just has equipment reviews. You might have a feed that has all the tour videos. And you might have a feed that has all the videos. In that case you'd have three feeds with different selections and exclusions for each.
Last Updated: 10/10/2021, 3:19:20 PM