# Wix

The steps below will integrate ParOne into your existing Wix website. You will need the Premium version of Wix to proceed.

# ParOne's demo site

You can view a wordpress version of our players here: https://wordpress.parone.com (opens new window)

This site will show you examples of the different style of players.

# Integrating ParOne

# Step 1

Navigate to the page you want to add the ParOne video feed and add a new Embed element, then select Custom Element.

Wix step 1 - Custom Element

# Step 2

Click "Choose Source", then select Server URL. For the Server URL use https://sdk.parone.io/parone.js

For the Tag Name options, please refer to Player Types tag options.

Wix step 1 - Element Settings

# Step 3

Next, click "Set Attributes", and then click "Set Attributes" in the popup window that appears.

Wix step 1 - Set Attributes

# Step 4

Add your feed ID slug as demonstrated below. You can also add additional attributes such as a campaign id, autoplay, or a custom style via the same process.

Wix step 1 - Setting Attributes

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