# Troubleshooting

# General

# I don't see the ParOne video block!

Before a video plays, the video player checks two things:

  1. is the campaign still active?
  2. can the video be played in the golfer's country?

If the video can't be played for either of those two reasons the video player hides itself.

# Styling

# I want to hide something

Check here for the class corresponding to the element you want to hide, and set its CSS to include display: none;. This will prevent the corresponding element from showing up.

# The layout is broken

By default we use CSS Grid for creating layouts. CSS Grid can be picky. Any item that is not listed in the layout but which is visible will break the layout. Make sure to set display: none; on any element that you do not want as part of the layout - simply leaving it out of the layout list is not enmough. In addition, keep in mind that CSS Grid parses the value as a set of rows, with each '' representing a row and each word a column.

# I changed one property and now everything looks different

By default we merge the styles you setup into the default styling. Check to make sure the corresponding merge slider is set to on. If the slider has been set to off, then whatever you put as the style will be the only styling applied to that element.

Last Updated: 10/10/2021, 3:19:20 PM