GET Videos API

Requires ParOne Enterprise Player

Many times you need to retrieve the content keys, titles, descriptions, etc for videos. This API call will retrieve the videos associated with an organization and all of the metadata about those videos.

Retrieve videos for your organization

This GET request retrieves the videos associated with your organization. Your organization key will be provided by ParOne.



Call Parameters

organization_keythe organization key provided by ParOne
startthe start of the results. 0 indexeddefaults to 0
limitthe maximum number of results to returndefaults to 100
content_keythe content key for the video you want to retrieve information forGets the video info for one video. If you have this start/limit are ignored.
ownVideos1 or 01 if you want to restrict the videos to your own videos. Omit or 0 if you want all the videos available to your organization.
privateCategories1 or 01 if you want to include the video’s private categories. Omit or 0 to not return private categories
privateTags1 or 01 if you want to include the video’s private tags. Omit or 0 to not return private tags.

Return Value

This call will return a JSON object that has a list of videos for your organization.

  "count" : 2,
  "status" : "ok",
  "message" : "ok",
  "data": [
      "content_key": "EdSGJ6kC",
      "created_date": "2022-08-22T19:54:50.122Z",
      "description": "The Callaway Golf Rogue ST irons are meant to serve as a successor to the Mavrik line, but borrow some inspiration from last year\u2019s Apex 21 irons. At the heart of this year\u2019s update is the all-new 450 A.I. Face Cup, a piece of performance-boosting tech Callaway is introducing to the golf industry with the Rogue ST line. We put the new Rogue ST Pro irons up against vs the Apex irons during GOLF Magazine's 2022 ClubTest... \n\ ClubTest Reviews:\nFully Equipped Podcast:",
      "privateCategory": [],
      "privateTag": [],
      "thumbnail": "",
      "title": "Can the new Callaway Rogue ST Pro irons outperform Apex irons? | Proving Ground ClubTest 2022",
      "content_key": "SeNBH62r",
      "created_date": "2022-08-22T19:54:50.122Z",
      "description": "private video 1080p",
      "privateCategory": [],
      "privateTag": [],
      "thumbnail": "",
      "title": "private 1080",

Structure of the Returned Results

The content_key and feed_code are used to parameterize the <parone-video-block>.

countThe total number of videos matching the query. Note that if no limit is specified this call will return 100 videos.
content_keyThe content key for this videoUsed across the ParOne API to identify a piece of content.
created_dateThe date the video was createdin UTC
descriptionThe video description
privateCategoriesThe private (organization-specific) categories associated with this video
privateTagsThe private (organization-specific) tags associated with this video
thumbnailThe video’s thumbnail
titleThe video’s title