Header Bidding

Follow the steps below to integrate header bidding with the ParOne SDK.

Declaring that header bidding is to be used

📣 Special thanks to the Ad teams at GOLF for this one!

Header Bidding produces a VAST tag after page load begins. ParOne’s player may be ready to go before a VAST tag is ready. Setting the global variable paroneVastOverride to a null or undefined value tells ParOne’s player to wait until a VAST tag is provided.

window.paroneVastOverride = "null"

When you assign a defined value to window.paroneVastOverride, our player will detect it and begin loading as normal. The player will wait up to a second (1000ms) for a VAST tag to be provided, otherwise it will fall back to what is configured in your organization settings, if anything. This variable must be defined on the page before our player is loaded.

For example, if:

window.paroneVastOverride = "https://example.com"

Then all ParOne players on the page will use https://example.com as the VAST URL.

Different ad tags for different players on one page

If you have multiple players on a page and each needs a different tag, you can link each tag to an ID and specify the ID on each player. For example, if:

window.paroneVastOverride = {
  one: "https://example.com",
  two: "https://example.com",

Then you can indicate to each player which tag to use via vast-override-id as follows:

<parone-video-block vast-override-id="one"></parone-video-block>
<parone-video-block vast-override-id="two"></parone-video-block>

AMP Compatibility

To use with AMP, the AMP tag must be mounted with the data-param-parone-vast-override attribute. For multiple, each AMP tag will need to be mounted with its corresponding ad tag.