Header Bidding

Follow the steps below to integrate header bidding with the ParOne SDK.

📣 Special thanks to the Ad teams at GOLF for this one!

Integrating Header Bidding

Step 1 - Define window.paroneVastOverride to null

Header Bidding produces a VAST tag after page load begins. ParOne’s player may be ready to go before a VAST tag is ready. Setting the global variable paroneVastOverride to a null or undefined value tells ParOne’s player to wait until a VAST tag is provided.

window.paroneVastOverride = "null"

Step 2 - Assign the new VAST URL to window.paroneVastOverride

When you assign a defined value to window.paroneVastOverride, our player will detect it and begin loading as normal. This variable must be defined on the page before our player is loaded.

For example, if:

window.paroneVastOverride = "https://example.com"

Then all ParOne players on the page will use https://example.com as the VAST URL.

Different ad tags for different players on one page

If you have multiple players on a page and each needs a different tag, you can link each tag to an ID and specify the ID on each player. For example, if:

window.paroneVastOverride = {
  one: "https://example.com",
  two: "https://example.com",

Then you can indicate to each player which tag to use via vast-override-id as follows:

<parone-video-block vast-override-id="one" />
<parone-video-block vast-override-id="two" />

Change Default Wait Time

The player will wait up to a second (1000ms) for a VAST tag to be provided, otherwise it will fall back to what is configured in your organization settings, if anything.

You can change this value by changing the vast-override-delay parameter.

By setting anything longer than 1000ms, it will begin to have a negative user exprience as it will look like a video is frozen waiting for the player to get a VAST tag response.

<!-- Change to 2000ms -->
<parone-video-block vast-override-delay="2000" />

AMP Compatibility

To use with AMP, the AMP tag must be mounted with the data-param-parone-vast-override attribute. For multiple, each AMP tag will need to be mounted with its corresponding ad tag.