The ParOne player will localize a number of different elements to allow users across the globe to enjoy content.

Default Language

The title and description of a video can be rendered in localized languages. Setting the defaultlang attribute on the player will select the language to use for title and description and will automatically activate captions in that language. This property supports full spelling, two letter code, and four letter code. However, we do not currently support the variants specified by the four letter code. defaultlang="german", defaultlang="de", and defaultlang="de-AT" will all result in German as the language.

    <parone-video-block defaultlang="german">
    <parone-video-block defaultlang="de">
    <parone-video-block defaultlang="de-AT">

Currently supported languages

Englishdefaultlang="english" or defaultlang="en"
Deutschdefaultlang="german" or defaultlang="de"
Danskdefaultlang="danish" or defaultlang="da"
Japanesedefaultlang="japanese" or defaultlang="ja"
Koreandefaultlang="korean" or defaultlang="ko"
Malaysiandefaultlang="malaysian" or defaultlang="ms"
Spanishdefaultlang="spanish" or defaultlang="es"
Svenskadefaultlang="swedish" or defaultlang="sw"


All videos come with automatically generated translations in the captions menu. Your app and website users can configure this in the Settings menu by clicking the symbol in the bottom right part of the video player.

ParOne Default Video Block