Properties Reference

ParOne’s player has options of additional properties listed below.

Property Feed Fields and Values

For reference, here are what the names of the fields in the Property, Default Value and Description. Bold indicates default option.

autoplay options

Params to enable autoplay and other features.

  • autoplay - The video will autoplay the video.
  • autoplay-muted - The video will autoplay muted or unmuted.
<!-- Set Autoplay on -->
<parone-video-block autoplay="true" />

count options

Params to set the number of items in a given feed. Applies to all player types except the Single Video Block.

<!-- Set Count to 6 on a playlist -->
<parone-multi-playlist-carousel count="6" />

default-lang options

📣 Special thanks to Lutz at Golf Post for this one!

Params to set the default language for the title & description. See Localization.

<!-- Set to German -->
<parone-video-block default-lang="de" />

default-res options

Params to set the default resolution of the video. Useful for larger screen formats.

  • For VOD - Accepted values are 360p, 720p, 1080p.
  • For Livestreams - Accepted values are 540p, 720p, 1080p.
<!-- Set default resolution to 360p. -->
<parone-video-block default-res="360p" />

dockable options

📣 Special thanks to Chris at USAToday Sports Media Group for this idea and Simon from MediaDrive LTD for expanding on it!

Params to set the video to dock in the bottom-right when scrolled out of view. See Example. Works only on the Video Block and Video Block Playlist styles only.

  • dockable will dock the video in the bottom-right when scrolled out of view.
  • dockable-sticky prevents the video from automatically returning when scrolling back into view.
  • start-docked will dock the video on page load and will undock the video once it has come into view.
<!-- Dock video -->
<parone-video-block dockable="true" />

<!-- Sticky -->
<parone-video-block dockable-sticky="true" />

<!-- Start Docked -->
<parone-video-block dockable="true" start-docked="true"/> 

from / to options

📣 Especial gracias to the team at Ten-Golf for this idea!

Params to only request videos within a date range. Works only on the Playlist Carousel, Playlist, and Video Block Playlist styles only.

  • from accepts ISO date format or a date range. Only d (days) is accepted.
  • to accepts ISO date format
<!--  Only loop videos 10-days old -->
<!-- to="now" is default -->
<parone-video-block-playlist from="10d" />

<!--  Only loop videos between 1 June and 3 June -->
<parone-video-block-playlist from="2022-06-01" to="2022-06-03" />

hide- options

Params to hide different elements of the player

  • hide-logo - The player block will hide the logo.
  • hide-description - The player block will hide the accompanying text.
  • hide-title - The player block will hide the title.
  • hide-all - The player block will hide all three elements.
<parone-video-block hide-all="true" />

keep-video-playing-offscreen options

📣 Special thanks to John S from GOLFTEC for this idea!

Params used to control how the video acts once it leaves the viewport. This is useful in modals, popovers, etc.

  • keep-video-playing-offscreen - Boolean to modify player behavior offscreen
<!-- Keep Playing Video Offscreen -->
<parone-video-block keep-video-playing-offscreen="true" />

loop options

Looping will reload the video once it’s done.

<!-- Loop video -->
<parone-video-block loop="true" />

position options

Params to pass a position to the player. This accepts a string and is useful for reporting.

  • position - A string where the player is located.
<!-- Set Position to Top -->
<parone-video-block position="top" />

player-id options

Params to pass a player ID attribute to reporting. This was typically used when partners have used Brightcove in the past and want ensure the same reporting across.

  • player-id - Identify the player in reporting
<!-- Set Player-ID to abc -->
<parone-video-block player-id="abc" />

shuffle options

Params to shuffle videos in a playlist. Works only on the Playlist Carousel, Playlist, and Video Block Playlist styles only.

  • shuffle - The playlist will shuffle the videos on every load.
<!-- Set Shuffle on -->
<parone-video-block shuffle="true" />

stylesheet options

A URL to an external style sheet. See Styling.

<parone-video-block stylesheet="~foo.css" />

touch-to-play options

📣 Special thanks to Chato from SwingU for this idea!

Sometimes, you need the entire player to be the play / pause button. This will cause taps to show/hide controls and pause/resume playback simultaneously.

<parone-video-block touch-to-play="true" />

tput options

ParOne’s TPUT (Tee to Putt User Token). This will enable you to track logged in users video activity for sorting, recommendations, analytics and more. TPUT accepts any user-identifiable information (e.g., Email) and will Hash out the value.

<parone-video-block tput="" />

Renders on the page as:

<parone-video-block tput="4aec2146b231b8511716f0ed90b345a630d20b7cfdcd55714d644d0dbda215759a00585ec798009936a623c836a2f6730b0d076eb30e6d03face774b636c3a82"

vast-override options

📣 Special thanks to Chato from SwingU for this idea!

Sometimes, you need override the VAST to kill ads, or use a different VAST tag in general, but not quite using header bidding. This parameter will accomplish that for you.

<!-- Kill all ads -->
<parone-video-block vast-override="null" />

<!-- use a different VAST than the default -->
<parone-video-block vast-override="VAST_URL" />